Nick of Time

Tonight was Retro Night at Staples Center as the Los Angeles Kings celebrated the return of two of the greatest players from its past. In the booth, Nick Nickson returned to the television airwaves for the first time in 20 years… and Kings forward Alexander Frolov returned to playing like the player he’s been the past 3 years.


Kings 6, Blue Jackets 0, Alexander Frolov 4

Kings radio play by play announcer (and Ithaca College graduate) Nick Nickson stepped in for Shingles sufferer Bob Miller during tonights broadcast against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nick was the color analyst for Bob Miller from 1981 to 1990… an era when you didn’t have to be a former NHL’er to know how to analyze the game of hockey. And from the looks of it… Nick hasn’t changed a bit in 20 years.




Screw Hrudey… Nickson’s on Duty Tonight!


Clearly no one reminded Nick not to wear one of his “radio” ties.

I rarely listen to Kings games on the radio, so it was a complete flashback to hear Nick’s voice once again on television. Sure, Bob Miller is one of the greatest, but someday Nick Nickson’s going to take over for him… and I’ll be fine with that. As long as Fox Sports West HD doesn’t bring in Jeremy Roenick to work along side him. In fact, there was probably only one person who didn’t enjoy Nick’s return to television.


Mainly because Nick has a bit of a height advantage on Bob Miller.
The crazy part is Jim Fox is already standing on an apple box.

We here at The Royal Half wish Bob Miller a speedy recovery from the Shingles, a nasty viral disease. Any ideas where Bob might have caught it from?


Yeah, better cover those legs up next time, Brownie.

The other person to make a triumphant return to the Los Angeles Kings tonight was enigmatic Russian forward, Alexander Frolov. I don’t know who put the steroids in his pelmeni, but Frolov has come out of the Olympic Break blazing not just with 8 points in 4 games… but also with a fire under his ass that hasn’t been there all season, even after several attempts to light it.


Frolov is a 2-time 30 goal scorer who can frustrate and excite Kings fans… sometimes within the same shift. He’s soft-spoken and always has a smile on his face… which makes it difficult to believe he takes the game seriously. Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy thinks that Frolov just sucks in air strangely… to give the affect that he is smiling. In case you aren’t familiar with Frolov, here is a recent interview with him.

So the Kings demolish the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight, but that’s what an elite NHL team is supposed to do… beat up on weaker teams. Newly acquired Freddie Modin had a goal and an assist tonight against his former team, bringing his point total as a King to 3 points in 3 games. Let’s take a look where Modin fits in terms of previous Los Angeles Kings Trade Deadline Acquisitions.

Freddie Modin – 3 games 3 points
Cliff Ronning – 14 games 5 points
Mark Parrish – 19 games 8 points
Anson Carter – 15 games 1 point

So how is Freddie Modin adjusting to life in Los Angeles rather than Columbus, Ohio?


Oh, I’d say he’s adjusting just fine.

The Kings scored so many times tonight, the players spent more time looking up at the scoreboard than they did the ice.





Modin doesn’t watch the replays. Modin knows he scored.

And Fox Sports West HD confirmed tonight what plenty of female Kings fans have know for nearly 2 years…


Drew Doughty is all man.

Just ask the Lady in Red… who now has the distinction of appearing on two Kings blogs in the same 24 hours!


Fox Sports West HD also provided a sneak peek at one of the most anticipated hockey movies since Miracle. It’s a documentary that follows an enormous battle that is yet to be waged…


The True Story of 5 Teams, All with a Shot at the Playoffs

SPOILER ALERT: Fox Sports West HD gave away the ending to the movie!


Here lay the bodies of Getzlaf, Perry, Morrow and Turco.

Random question for the loyal readers of The Royal Half… anyone know why Ersberg’s number isn’t in numerical order?


Worst. Episode of Lost. Ever.

No really… all the numbers go in order until it hits Ersberg’s #31. I’m assuming Quick’s number is blocked by Simmonds huge head… so it can’t just be that he’s a goaltender. So what gives Kings fans? Anyone know the answer to this? My horrible OCD needs to know.

Sometimes beating up on a shitty team is all it takes to bring a smile back to your face. Right guys?


“Oh man, remember that year we were 2nd to the last in the league?”
“Yeah, that really sucked.”
“You wanna see my silver medal?”

And much like Shingles… sometimes those smiles can just be infectious.


Wipe the closest thing you’ll ever have to a smile off your face, Coach Murray…
you’ve got Chicago to play on Wednesday!

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