Black and Blue

Forget about the Los Angeles Kings lackluster effort tonight against the NHL’s worst team at home, the St. Louis Blues. Instead, check out the amazing mustache on the penalty box door opener!


It’s like Sam Elliott’s working for the NHL!

Kings 1, Blues 3


At least Calgary lost, right? The Kings hopes for securing a playoff spot get brighter… and dimmer at the same time. Sure they are 7 points into the playoffs… but you’d kinda hope the team would be winning these games and building some steam heading into the post-season, no? Instead, they get beat up by the St. Louis Blues… the only team that’s been re-building longer than the Kings. But the Blues do have a nice mixture of young talent and grizzly veterans.


“You see, TJ, one time Tony Amonte and I were going to a Soul Asylum concert.
Now, this was before cell phones… so we had to meet Mike Modano…”

“Ugh… are you going to retire yet or what?”

So what was the big news that was announced today regarding the Los Angeles Kings and the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Find out…. after the jump!



I know I’ve been tough on the Los Angeles Kings Marketing Department today… but maybe you should wait until the Kings actually clinch a playoff spot before you start telling everyone what uniform you’ll be wearing at home during the playoffs. It’s kind of like telling people what dress you are wearing to the prom… before anyone has invited you to it.

The Los Angeles Kings will go “Back in Black” for the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs as the team will wear their popular Alternate Jerseys for all post-season games at STAPLES Center, the club announced today.  The Kings are also encouraging fans to go “Back in Black” for the remaining five games at STAPLES Center as the 2009-10 regular season comes to a conclusion.

I personally have never been a fan of the “Black Outs” which encourages fans to wear all black to the games. I think it makes the arena look like it’s empty. And it hasn’t been lucky for the Kings in the past. As a passionate hockey fan… what would you rather have your home arena looking like during the playoffs?


Calgary’s Sea of Red.


Penguins’ White Out.


Flyers’ Orange Crush.


Los Angeles Kings’ Black Out.

Okay, so maybe the “Black Out” effect isn’t that strong… but it still looks kinda lame compared to the alternatives. Check out this college football game.



Dare I even suggest a return to the Kings past with a “Purple and Gold Out?”



Nah… too much like the Lakers.

I’ve mentioned before how I think the Kings will be using their 3rd Jersey’s full time next season as this Los Angeles hockey team continues to carve out a new identity for itself. (Although, there are others that are calling for a deeper return to glory.) Honestly, who cares what jersey they are wearing… as long as they are actually wearing them in the playoffs. But if you think practicing your acceptance speech before you’ve even been nominated is ballsy… then check out the set on the Los Angeles Kings Marketing Department.

In addition, the Kings are also adding the word “Playoffs” to their Pride=Passion=Power team slogan.

Wow. Look at the set of balls on the Los Angeles Kings. No really… look:


This might finally solve the riddle of why in the hell the Kings Marketing Department wanted to go with Pride=Passion=Power the last 2 seasons. Because Pride=Passion=Power=Pain just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And there was one final Playoff related announcement coming out of the Kings organization today.

The Kings are also asking their fans to “grow one for the team” as they will be hosting a special Beard-A-Thon during the playoffs with proceeds benefiting the Kings Care Foundation.  More details on this special initiative can be found next month by visiting

Now I’m a huge fan of the Playoff Beard and it will be exciting to grow one for the first time in 7 seasons for something other than my adult hockey league. But I’ll grow mine when the Kings make the playoffs. You see what I’m doing Kings Marketing Department? I’m waiting until they make the playoffs! And what happens when you go to


Just kidding.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of making the playoffs for the first time in 6 seasons. (7 if you count the Lockout.) So I totally understand where the Kings Marketing Department is coming from. I just hope the Kings players plan on being as brash as the people marketing them.


Oh… this could get awkward when the Kings play Phoenix on the 8th.

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