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Hey, Alexander Frolov. You want to know how to respond to being put on the 4th line and seeing little to no ice time? Just ask Ryan Smyth how you do it.



If you look in the Hockey Dictionary under “Ryan Smyth Being Ryan Smyth”…
this is the photo listed.

Ryan Smyth was so committed to scoring tonight for the Los Angeles Kings that he never let go of his stick… NEVER!


Patrick, why don’t you tell me what the WHL stands for first and then we can talk.

Kings 4, Avalanche 3, Ryan Smyth 2


A solid win from the Kings. Of course, you wish that the Avalanche didn’t get the bonus point, but the Kings keep pace with the West in their new found quest to face the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the playoffs. Thanks Phoenix! But let’s be serious here… you didn’t come to The Royal Half to get thoughtful analysis of the victory tonight… you came for screengrabs of Anze Kopitar Kings Spotlight Night! So here ends the analysis… but starts the pretty pictures… after the jump!



As you may or may not know, Fox Sports West HD has been featuring Kings Spotlight nights throughout the season, sending Heidi Androl out to get up close and personal with your favorite Kings. Some of the highlights from this season include Raitis Ivanans showing Heidi his baby arm, Matt Greene showing off his balls and Jarrett Stoll taking Heidi to where the magic happens. So with only 5 home games left in the regular season… Fox Sports West HD decided to save the best Kings player… for 5th to last?



The NHL must love it when their stars wear a giant black bar over their face.

Fox Sports West HD is known for their hard-hitting facts and willingness to go the extra mile for the story and gather information that the public would never be able to get.


Did you know that Kopitar LOVES pancakes!

Since this is Hollywood, you can guarantee that some casting director will be knocking on Kopitar’s door when it comes time to re-make an American classic film.


Let’s see… what else did we learn about Anze Kopitar?


Oh. Slovenia has a lot of waterfalls.
And Anze likes pancakes.  

Enough with the graphics about Kopitar already. Raise your hand if you feel like you are the one who can crack the enigma that is Anze Kopitar!


Hey Guys!

So what’s the only thing that can spoil a night dedicated to pre-recorded features about one of the most beloved Kings on the current roster?



That’s right, Heidi made her way down to the Lakers practice court to shoot a little 3 on 3 with Anze Kopitar and his Slovenian Laker counterpart, Sasha Vujačić.


Funny, he doesn’t look Slovenian.


Will the real Sasha Vujačić please stand up?


Greatest. Penthouse Letter. Ever.

Anze has really acclimated to American culture. I heard a rumor that he even learned English from watching one of his favorite American television shows.



Of course, Heidi got demolished by Anze and Sasha during their game of PIG and things got really ugly when the crew from TMZ showed up at the shoot.


Don’t make Heidi angry!

Of course, the favorite part of any Kings Spotlight is also the least favorite part of the player being spotlighted… baby photos!



Okay, my heart may be cold inside…
but this could be the cutest f’ing photo I’ve seen in a long time.
Check out those little orange plastic skates on the kid on the far right.

And Heidi wrapped up the interview with one of the most loving high fives I’ve ever seen.


Someone here is holding on a little too long. Who could it be?



But let’s not forget that there was more to tonight’s game than just Anze Kopitar Kings Spotlight Night. No, in fact, a Kings record was set tonight by newly acquired Kings forward, Freddie Modin.

{iframe width=”448″ height=”336″ align=”top”},2,1079&event=L.A69{/iframe}

With this goal, Freddie Modin has now scored more goals on his own team…
then Anson Carter scored total as a King.


Freddie Modin pissed = Thomas Haden Church smiling


Speaking of getting pissed… hey Avalanche… you may not want to make a father who is dealing with a newborn upset… he may just snap from lack of sleep.


What’d you say about my daughter?!? I’ll kill you. I’LL KILL YOU!

Speaking of goalies… how amazing is this graphic? Who would of thought that this name would be among the NHL’s best this season?


You were thinking Bryzgalov, right? Me too.
That dude was released by the Ducks! Who could have seen this coming?

And for no other reason than I want to highlight the fact that 2 of the Kings best players tonight… are in their early 20’s.



The way Wayne Simmonds and Drew Doughty stepped it up tonight in a huge game is enough to give you a stroke.


It seems fitting that Wayne Simmonds scored on Star Wars Night at Staples Center.



Did any loyal TRH readers go to the game tonight? Were people actually dressed up as Star Wars characters? Besides The Royal Half’s favorite Ice Girl?


What the hell! I thought they said no masks or weapons!!!

And finally… I can’t believe it took one of the Fox Sports West HD camera operators this many years to find this shot:


Wow. This team is going to have 90+ points.
For like almost the first time since that guy played for us.

Be sure to check out the incomparable Jibblescribbits for the Rocky Mountain reaction both today and on Wednesday when the Kings travel to Denver. If Wednesday’s game is anything like tonight… I might just have a stroke.


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