The Amazing 7

I saw something truly amazing at the Los Angeles Kings game on Tuesday night against the New York Rangers.


Just like any other Hollywood Starlet…
the Staples Center is getting a little touch up work done.

Check out the top of the photograph where you see the “L” and the “S.” Now think back to last week when it looked like this:


Now there have been a lot of changes to the Staples Center during it’s 10 year anniversary. But it now seems like they are updating the giant signage off the back entrance to Staples. I’m really hoping that they change it to “Wayne Simmonds Center” or even maybe “Anze Arena.” But most likely they are just changing the font of that huge sign on top so it looks uniform around the outside of the arena… because the Staples logo just looks silly without that half-folded-open staple as it’s “L.” Come to think of it… I saw something else amazing at Staples Center on Tuesday night.



Olympic Jerseys that feature your favorite Los Angeles Kings stars!

The Olympic jerseys are for sale and they were out in full force all across the arena. Oh and come to think of it… I saw another amazing thing at the game last night!



Why it’s MLB Superstar Andre Ethier dropping the puck for the ceremonial faceoff!

It wasn’t as cool as the last time the Dodgers hung out in the Kings locker room. But now that I think back… Andre Ethier wasn’t the only amazing celebrity I saw at the game. Since the New York Rangers were in town, it seemed only fitting that one of the highest ranking members of the NYFD would be in attendance.


Oh, you can’t see who it is? Let me try another angle:


That’s better.

Yup, Jack McGee, the actor better known as Chief Jerry Reilly from FX’s Rescue Me was at the game. Did you know that Jack McGee was actually a NYC Firefighter? And that his first major acting role was in the classic 1980’s firefighter film Turk 182? All he needed to do was be in Backdraft and he would have completed the Firefighting Movie Trifecta! (UPDATE: Holy Shit! Jack McGee played “Schmidt” in Backdraft!) What other amazing things does one blogger find when he’s spending a solid 45 minutes googling Jack McGee?


He finds this.

Well I guess there was one more amazing thing I saw last night at the Los Angeles Kings – New York Rangers game… I saw the Kings win their goddamn 7th game in a row!!!


Kings 2, Rangers 1
Hearts of Kings Fans Everywhere, Beating Uncontrollably


7 wins in a row, the Kings longest streak since Wayne Gretzky led them to 8 straight in 1992 (a franchise record). 7 points up on 8th place in the Western Conference. 71 points on the season, the most the Kings have had at this point in a season since 1974-75. 9-1-0 in their last 10 games. Truly, truly amazing.

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