The Color of Losing

Remember what I said last game about how when the chips are down for King fans… all you can do is keep battling? Well, it seems like someone over at Fox Sports West HD read it as well… put it down on paper and then placed it in front of Bob Miller. Compared to the show opens for the Edmonton Oilers… the Los Angeles Kings show opens have never been quite good. But I’ll admit it… the one tonight really summed up what needs to happen for the Los Angeles Kings in the post-Justin Williams era:



Kings 3, Wild 4

zz top

Seriously… how many players with a last name that starts with Z are even in the NHL?
And the Wild have 2 of them?!?
This is one that the Kings are going to wish they had won. Or at least got a point from. During the whole game, this Kings team was at once skating 4 aggressive lines that were each getting scoring chances and at other times a team making bonehead plays that led to costly goals. But just when you thought Scooter Parse had tied the Kings up late in the 3rd… former King Eric Belanger gets his 2nd goal of the game… and the Wild win, inching closer to the Kings in the Western Conference standings.
It’s not so much that Belanger has 8 goals on the season.
It’s that Alexander Frolov has 9.
King fans will be debating back and forth over the next few weeks whether or not Alexander Frolov made the right play by skating to the bench to get a new stick when his broke during a penalty kill. And of course, the Wild scored while Frolov is making his way back to the play with his new stick. For me… the bigger travesty from Frolov during this game was the great plays by Dustin Brown and Michal Handzus in getting the puck to Frolov… and then him refusing to shoot it. Frolov used to be one of my favorite players on the Kings but he has fallen so far out of favor under Coach Murray’s system that you can only imagine he’ll be packaged soon in a trade. And hopefully he’ll go with this guy:
Hi, I’m Teddy Purcell and I’m totally worthless.
Just put Scott Parse on that first line for 1 game and see what happens. Unlike Purcell, Scott Parse understands what a short rope is and he made the most of his time back in the NHL after being sent down to Manchester to work on his game. He was digging in the corners, throwing his body around and scored the tying goal… at least for 12 seconds before Jon Quick gave up his 2nd bad goal of the night. Coach Murray continues to rave about Purcell’s play… but I’m just not seeing it. Purcell almost seemed to be getting in the way of Ryan Smyth and Anze Kopitar tonight… like he was their annoying cousin or something. I mean, even Brandon Segal was working hard out there tonight… and he earned a coveted intermission interview with Patrick O’Neal.
segal intv
“Yeah, Patrick… I am surprised too that Purcell is still playing.
Oh… are we live?
Niklas Backstrom had an incredibly strong night in net. And for a while there, it seemed that the only way that the Kings could score was to lift up his pads so they could slide the puck under him.
dough arrows
I’m pretty sure I saw the same diagram during my high school sex ed class.
This was a tough, tough loss for the Kings. But like the video says… you have to keep battling. The Kings looked strong enough in this game to win but since this is usually the time of year where the Kings begin to become dismantled as a team… fans have to feel a little bit concerned about the way this team is playing right now.
greene light
Fans… forget about the losses. It’s Matt Greene Spotlight Night!
Luckily, tonight’s broadcast featured the “Kings Spotlight” where one Kings player is chosen to be talked about non-stop throughout the entire night… sharing silly anecdotes and showcasing poorly produced KingsVision videos about the player in question. Tonight’s “Kings Spotlight” was shining brightly on Kings defenseman Matt Greene… and no one was happier about that than Heidi Androl.
happy heidi
Kings Spotlight = Androl Screentime!
Well, maybe the only person happier than Heidi Androl with the Matt Greene Spotlight… was Matt Greene.
greene smile
“As a defensive defenseman… I’m totally used to being under the spotlight of television.
greene elf
Worst. Photoshop. Ever.
The first video showcased about Matt Greene was his totally hilarious Kings Holiday Gift Guide… you should watch this video, if only for the awesome cameo by Peter Harrold. And also for Brad Richardson and Matt Greene busting on Teddy Purcell. It’s good to know that King fans aren’t the only ones who bust on Teddy Purcell. You can watch it here. (Since I can’t figure out how to embed videos on this stupid new platform!!!) UPDATED: I FIGURED IT OUT!
As with other Kings Spotlights in the past, tonights broadcast also featured photos of the player when he was young.
young moller
Again… a current photo of Oscar Moller slipped in!
The Kings research staff has to be more careful about this.
raitis dog
I also have no idea why this photo of Raitis Ivanans made it in as well.
But this is Hollywood after all… and with the movie studios completely out of original ideas… it’s the perfect time for a remake of Martin Scorsese’s “The Color of Money.”And who is starring in this picture? Well it’s Matt Greene and Heidi Androl naturally!
color of greene
I can already see the poster…
Greene is “The Color of Money!”
In theatres this summer.
I know Heidi Androl treats these segments with the utmost in journalistic seriousness… but she looked like she was having a little too much fun on this one.
heidi pool 2
“Oh Greener… you are too funny!
heidi pool 3
“So… uh… what are you doing after the shoot?
Wanna hit up the South Bay with me and Simmonds?
heidi pool
“Um… no.”
And no… I’m sure you all thought it… but I was not the creepy-looking guy that was starting at Heidi Androl from behind all night.
heidi stalker
No… that guy just happens to look a lot like me.
Patrick O’Neal and Heidi Androl also talked a lot about the upcoming celebrity game that is going to be played after the Kings-Capitals contest this Saturday at Staples Center. And wow… check out that lineup!
key celebs
Really? Those are your “Key Celebs?”
Are Alan Thicke and Jason Priestley that busy?
And I realize that Fox Sports West HD has made a big effort to connect with the fans this season… but you have to wonder if they are reconsidering the placement of their new Kings Live post-game set.
kings live
Yeah, that’s totally not distracting.
The Kings head up to Canada for another game against the Calgary Flames on Wednesday. (Isn’t this the 8th time the Kings have played them in the last week?) And then it’s back to back with Minnesota on Thursday. Hold tight King Fans… this could start to get ugly!
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