Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

It’s time to play the latest Canadian Game Show craze that’s sweeping the nation….



First up… from tonight’s game against the Edmonton Oilers… it’s the Los Angeles Kings!

A) Frolov – Kopitar – Williams
B) Richardson – Handzus – Brown
C) Purcell – Elkins – Parse
D) Ivanans – Moller – Drewiske

Can you guess the 4th line for tonight’s game? It’s a trick question… the Kings only skated 1 non-4th line tonight! But it didn’t matter as they took down the Edmonton Oilers and took back 1st place in the Western Conference!

You want to know the definition of luck as a Kings fan?
The one year the Kings will end up 1st in the conference… Detroit will be the 8th seed.

Kings 3, Oilers 2

Yikes, I’ve seen better lineups in some of my adult league games. 5 of the 6 bottom line forwards are more familiar with each other from Manchester than they are from Los Angeles. Corey Elkins made his NHL debut tonight and actually skated more minutes than Teddy Purcell and Scott Parse. And how about Peter Harrold getting bumped out of the lineup for defensemen Davis Drewiske… at wing?! Coach Murray… you are one crazy son of a bitch!

you're all i know
“You two are the only ones here I recognize.
Hug me tighter, Michal.”

But when you have the goal-scoring and play-making abilities of one Brad Richardson… who needs to dress a full roster? How great are the Kings playing right now? Well, the Kings even asked Sheldon Souray to take out Jack Johnson with a blast of a slap shot… just to make this game more interesting for them.

jj hurt
Oh… awesome. Another injury. Well, you can’t spell Johnson without the “S.”

The Kings absolutely stole 2 points tonight. There is no way they should have won this game… but they found a way. They clawed, they scratched and they got some amazing goaltending when they needed it most. I can’t imagine Edmonton would be happy about their performance in this game and according to Low on Oil… it doesn’t seem like they were. This is now the 2nd game against the Oilers that I’ve watched using the Edmonton feed on Center Ice… and I’m kinda in love with how they open their telecasts… with plenty of puns.

I’m pretty sure writing these game intros
would be a dream job for James at Cycle Like the Sedins.

And I totally understand that it gets cold in Edmonton… but I’m pretty sure they don’t have to do their opening remarks from outside the arena.

Man… I’m totally going to get that Winter Classic gig.

In addition to clever puns in their opening titles and hosts dressed like Russian immigrants… the Sportsnet team sure knows how to build a graphic showing how well the Kings have played of late.

Really? Kingly? I’ve been a Kings fan for over 20 years
and I’ve never heard the word Kingly.

At least GM Dean Lombardi has figured out a quick-fix for the recent injuries that has taken out some of the Kings best players.

We’re signing Theo Fleury baby!
Put him with Parse and Moller for the cutest little line ever!

Before the game started, both Oilers announcers were stressing the need for the Kings to have secondary scoring in this game with all the injuries the Kings are suffering. Little did anyone know that Kings elder statesman, Sean O’Donnell, would break his 157 game goal-scoring drought. Secondary Scoring? Shit…when O’Donnell scores… it’s octonary scoring. (Look it up, it means 8th in line)

od score
“Hey Teddy, we still have the same number of goals in 31 games.”

This game got so bad for the Edmonton Oilers that even the Olympic Curling team had enough.

curl exit
“What a bunch of hosers out there! Really? They gave up a goal to O’Donnell?”

It’s a great feeling when your favorite team wins a game they probably weren’t supposed to. At this rate though with the injuries the Kings are getting hit with, I fully expect to see Assistant Coach Mark Hardy skating for the Kings when they take on the Calgary Flames on Thursday to wrap up this Canadian vacation.

Guaranteed I score more than Purcell out there.
I guess it could be worse, right? There are more horrible things that could happen to an NHL player then being asked to play more shifts that you normally would because of injuries to your team?
I was on the 1st line in Los Angeles.
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