Don’t Believe The Hype

What do you do when a young team who is first in the conference for the first time since ever is believing it’s own hype for the first part of a game against a tough Canadian opponent? You call a time out in the first 5 minutes and beat them down, Coach Murray style… that’s what you do!

mad murray

Don’t make Murray angry.

Unfortunately, Murray’s little pep talk 5 minutes into the game against the Vancouver Canucks didn’t do much to inspire the Los Angeles Kings as they lost in regulation for the first time in December and ended their 1 day reign of terror atop the Western Conference.

Kings 1, Canucks 3

A rather uninspired game against a strong defensive opponent. Plus, I don’t care how much hype a team has… you don’t want to spot a 2 goal lead to one of the best goaltenders in the league. This game wasn’t broadcast on Fox Sports West HD, but rather on Center Ice… and maybe I should have quit while I was ahead at the start of the Center Ice broadcast.

Don’t you think it really should be in French Canadian instead of Spanish?

The Curse of the Kings ‘S’ continued tonight as Kings center and former Supermodel dater Jarret Stoll left the 3rd period with a groin injury. For those who are scoring at home… that brings the total this season to Smyth, Scuderi, Segal, Simmonds and now Stoll (Yes, I know Stoll was out earlier too but go with me on this one). I’m looking at you next… oh… the Kings don’t have any more players on their current roster with a last name that starts with ‘S.’ Well… I guess you are next Scott Parse and Sean O’Donnell. And you better not come back Brayden Schenn!


Wow, that’s so awesome that there is a life-size Couch Tarts cartoon in Vancouver.

Even before Jarret Stoll left in the 3rd period the Kings look tired and over-worked. Their roster was already short a forward for this game, and even shorter on offense once Stoll left. Sure, the Kings called up Corey Elkins (?!) who was leading Manchester in scoring… but only because everyone else above him has been called up to the Kings already. I fully expect Elkins to slip on a patch of Edmonton black ice and crack his head open just before game time… much like all the Manchester call-ups before him. Pretty much the only reason Teddy Purcell is still playing on the Kings right now is because he’s a warm, healthy body. Boy, that 8 game break after Thursday’s game can’t come quick enough, huh?

Canada may not be as rich as America,
but they sure have a better sense of rhyme.
This is the kind of game you have to acknowledge and move on from. The Kings didn’t play horrible in the 2nd and 3rd period… but they didn’t play great. Check out the Benched Whale for all your Vancouver gloating with a Canadian accent. Tuesday night, it’s a much improved Edmonton Oilers team from the last time the Kings were in town and crushed the post-season playing hopes of Ales Hemsky. Much improved to the tune of 5-1-1 since Handzus hit Hemsky.
If you haven’t already, check out my Q&A with Jay over at Low on Oil. I will be posting his A’s to my Q’s tomorrow before the game here.

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